Issue Ninety-Nine

October 2018                                             



A Trail Through Woods
Aimee Parkison 

Lasting Impression
Pagoda Trees
Ryūnosuke Akutagawa
translated by Ryan C.K. Choi 

Exhibits for the Defense
James Tadd Adcox 

Nation of Cavaliers
Paul Albano 

Pour Out Your Heart Like Water Before Me
Abby Horowitz

Going Guru
Jack Christian 


Self-Portrait as Nuclear Fallout
Molly Bess Rector

"I see flies, I see mosquitoes, but I have never seen a gay man."
Steve Fellner

Little Green Fire
Tim Carrier

Assembly of Late Summer Signs
Ellen McGrath Smith

My Thorn
Jari Chevalier

Hold Your Horses
Brett Elizabeth Jenkins 


Late August
Two 90s Poetry Readings
Daniel Nester

Bottom Shelf
Jill Talbot 


TOKYO by Michael Mejia
reviewed by Joe Sacksteder

Strawberry Fields by Hilary Plum
reviewed by Tom DeBeauchamp

The Tidings of the Trees by Wolfgang Hilbig
reviewed by John David Harding 

Beast Meridian by Vanessa Angélica Villareal
reviewed by Norene Cashen

adagio ma non troppo by Ryoko Sekiguchi
reviewed by Rick Henry

Little House, Big House (Now How I Am An American) by Liz Waldner
reviewed by Samantha Seto